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General Health:

Being fit doesn’t have to mean the ability to run a marathon or climb Mt. Everest. Let our expert personal trainers work with you to set healthy, attainable goals that are tailored to your lifestyle, not someone else’s. Of course if you do want to run a marathon or climb Mt. Everest…

Group Classes:

Big things come in small packages! Click here to see what small group classes STEPS Fitness currently offers. Or find out how to create your own!


Dr. Irv had a total hip replacement and got back to work in less than 2 weeks. That may be a push for most but getting back on your feet and into your active lifestyle, no matter what the procedure, will be easier and faster if you’re physically prepared in advance.


Our Prehab programs are designed to prepare you for specific surgical procedures, ensuring a more rapid rehabilitation and a better overall outcome. You can schedule surgery but you can’t plan ahead for an injury. Or can you? The same preparation, applied to unforeseen accidents, can yield similar enhanced results.


Returning to your fitness program after rehabilitation of an injury can be a little scary without professional guidance. Our post-rehab programs will help you gain the confidence you need to make that transition at the proper pace. Our staff includes several post re-rehabilitation specialists who will work with your physician and physical therapist to provide a seamless return to an active lifestyle.

Boomers to Seniors:

A hundred years ago, the average life expectancy in the U.S. was only 47. Now it’s 30 years longer! For longevity and quality of life, it’s crucial to exercise properly for your age group. We base our fitness programs on the latest research that targets the specific needs of our aging and active population.

Biometrics Weight Management:

Biometrics is a personally-guided and highly successful approach to long-term weight management, balancing healthy eating with dynamic one-on-one strength training. Instead of prepackaged food or shakes that give you “the shakes”, the Biometrics plan provides you with menus, shopping lists, and recipes so you can learn to take control and make healthy eating choices for life.

Special Populations:

Exercise is high on the list of prescriptions for most medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer. An effective exercise program can contribute to the slowdown, halting, and even the reversal of many diseases. In addition, studies prove the benefits of proper exercise to the patient’s emotional wellbeing and quality of life. If indicated, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) will be implemented to enhance traditional training techniques.

Prenatal and Postpartum:

A mother’s love is already the stuff of legend. We understand. Many of our trainers are parents, too. Complying with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a STEPS program will give you the knowledge, expert supervision, and peace of mind you need. In addition, studies show that proper exercise makes for easier pregnancies and deliveries, as well as healthier babies.

Home and Travel:

Business trips, vacations, and training alone at home can present unique challenges. A STEPS personal trainer will customize and help you implement a fitness program that addresses your specific situation. Employing inexpensive and portable equipment such as tubes and balls, you can have a great program that requires little space and little time but great results. And with our extensive library of exercise illustrations, you’ll never have to remember what to do.

Visiting Nashville and want to maintain your conditioning program? STEPS can help! Check out our traveler’s special.

Sports Conditioning:

From martial arts to golf, from football to tennis, and everything in between, STEPS trainers are experienced athletes prepared to train your body for the rigors and demands of almost any athletic endeavor. Every specialized program incorporates the latest research from the field for superior performance and sports-specific injury prevention.

Whole Body Vibration:

Older adults, athletes, and post-rehab clients are just a few of the populations that can benefit significantly from whole body vibration in conjunction with their regular workout. WBV has been shown to enhance neuromuscular function, increase bone density, explosive power, flexibility, and joint motion, and to expedite rehabilitation of acute injuries.