Carolyn D

I’m someone who likes to exercise but hates to work out:  gym class as a kid scarred me for life!  But Scott Kinney makes it fun, interesting, and—most importantly—an effective use of my limited time.  I like the friendly, low-key STEPS vibe with everybody there to do their thing.  I feel much stronger and healthier than I used to.  Thanks, Scott, and thanks, STEPS. Couldn’t recommend the experience more highly.

KK, 63

I want to thank you for all your advice and encouragement for my upcoming knee surgery. I have done the “Irvies” exercises faithfully, and I definitely feel stronger. Maybe that’s why my jeans keep getting baggier, especially in the seat. You could say the exercises benefit all 3 knees — left knee, right knee, and hi-ney. I am looking forward to getting the op over with, get back on my feet and start kicking a$$ again!

Jeff Gould

   My mom is 81 and in generally good health with an excellent mind. But, I could see that she was slowing down. I suggested to her that she should see Irv, who has helped me develop an effective exercise program that has allowed me to be a very active 57-year-old. She said “why do I need to do that?”. I asked her how she felt about using a walker. She got the point and we scheduled an appointment with Irv. By the end of the meeting, she saw the potential for Irv’s program and said she would do what he suggested on a daily basis and meet with him once a week. She’s been following the program with great discipline and is feeling better, walking up stairs with energy and is generally just a happier person. She said it would been great if she had known Irv and her therapist when she was 35.
So, here is my suggestion for you…whether you are 35, 57 or 81. Start a regular exercise program. If you know what to do to maximize your return for the time you spend exercising, just do it. But, if you need some help structuring your program or a little help sticking with it, Irv is a great resource. Invest in yourself!


When I started at STEPS, I had recently learned that I have Parkinson’s Disease, and I was spending a lot of time just sitting and worrying about the future.  At STEPS, I started moving and was given great encouragement to try new ways to limber up and to stretch my muscles.  If Dr. Irv said it once, he said it 100 times—“Hold your shoulders back!”   I started to feel better and began to look forward to my exercise routines.  Today I feel stronger and more energetic than I have felt in some time. My trainer is highly professional and always positive.  STEPS is giving me a new and healthy way of dealing with this disease.

Charles T. Faulkner, M.D.

A friend of mine recommended STEPS to improve my core strength and level of fitness.  I have just finished my 12th workout at this facility and I must say that my experience has exceeded my expectations.  My trainer, Stephanie Kemp, varies the workouts to keep them from getting stale and pushes me just enough.  After six weeks my flexibility increased noticeably.  STEPS has all the equipment, weights, bands, etc. that one could want in a gym, but the typical gym atmosphere is noticeably absent.  I would recommend STEPS to anyone.

Charles W

I look forward to my workouts with Scott knowing that he will customize my workout to help me be able to continue, as I age, doing the activities I enjoy such as backpacking, cycling and swimming.  He also offers helpful hints on bike maintenance at no additional charge.


Ann Walling

Many personal trainers are not qualified to train older bodies.  Maintaining a healthy, strong body is a unique science in older adults. Irv Rubenstein has the education and the experience to effectively strengthen older bodies.  My health and well-being is enhanced thanks to my twice weekly sessions with Irv.

Shirley Horowitz, owner of Davishire Interiors

My experience with Steps has been very rewarding.  Thanks to Irv, I stand taller and sit straighter.  He knows the very muscles to target that strengthen my neck and back and allow me to the get the most of my workouts.

Beth C.

STEPS holds a special place in my heart. I nearly destroyed my body with an eating disorder; I lost bone, muscle, and most of all myself.  Through strength training, I have made my bones denser, my muscles stronger, and my spirit brighter.  I have a second chance at life, and I owe a large part of that to STEPS and my trainer, Irv.

 Miss Margaret Ann, 82

“I could not have climbed these steps without Colleen and Dawn!”

Margaret Ann’s dedication to training enabled her to scale the ruins at Machu Picchu, along with the help of her trainers, Colleen Bridges and Dawn Denny.

Cathey B.

“When I think of how my life has changed in the few months since the first time I met with Irv at STEPS, I am amazed and grateful. The results are significant … physically and mentally. Irv’s encouragement and enthusiasm, coupled with his considerable expertise, are powerful motivating factors. Irv is a gem … a plum …a terrific ‘coach’!”

Cindy S.

“Dear Irv, It is amazing how the program takes me no time compared to previous ones, and I am completely muscle fatigued. I am also amazed at the strength I have gained… the other day I went to do a bench press and lifted the bar like it was a feather–that’s progress. You are amazing.”

Abby B.

“It was so nice to go to a “not gym” to workout – people are there to do one thing – work out and enhance their health and well being. That is the best kind of atmosphere – no judgment. Osa is a quiet enforcer – he does not say a lot – but he very effectively PUSHES you in a good way. I see why people speak so complimentary of you and your facility – you are all highly credible and kind. I am so glad I have started a relationship with STEPS!”

Katie D.

“The training with Latina was great!! With her training I discovered what areas need the most focus and how to be effective in my workouts. We also discussed nutrition and my diet and eating habits as well. Latina has provided me with the necessary tools to work out on my own from home with the equipment that I have. She checks in with me once in a while just to keep me on track with my workouts. I had a very positive experience with STEPS and Latina!”

George V.

 “Irv, This morning, I noticed the big improvement in physical conditioning I had made over the last year – thanks to STEPS. What a change from a year ago! Then I was hefting heavy stuff in the garage (carefully) and was surprised at how easy it was. Steps is important in my life. I have seen other facilities and cannot imagine working out elsewhere. And you are fun to be around as well as adding a note of reassurance with your knowledge and diligence. I realize how difficult it must be, at some points, to do what you do. But you truly make a difference in many people’s lives, whether or not they stop and think about it.”

Melanie D.

“The type of training I do with Irv has given me confidence on my feet, through better balance and learning to make quicker directional transitions and sharper turns. My foot slipped out from under me once doing a front cross in a competition, but thanks to my workouts with Irv I stayed on my feet and Dara won the class. Irv grills me really hard and that’s okay because I feel I should work as hard as I ask my dog to work!”

Tom H.

 “STEPS seems to be a place where a variety of folks can find people and a program that works for them. Your understanding that one size doesn’t fit all worked well for me, and I will continue to be an advocate of you and your team. As important as the technical weights training were the small, but effective lifestyle changes you suggested. I feel fortunate to have created a balanced running and weights routine which is measured by reasonable expectations. The practice over the year has delivered more energy, better sleep, fewer aches and pains, and more strength and stability.”

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Six months ago I walked into Steps. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just knew I needed help. Having been physically fit and active for all of my life I started having a series of medical set backs that left me in chronic pain with muscle weakness and atrophy. I had seen multiple doctors, healthcare providers and movement specialists,, and had not made any substantial progress. I was desperate.
    I started training with Irv twice a week. He listened to me and he heard me, something no one else was able to do. He then gently and progressively retaught my muscles to work and strengthened them to provide the stability I needed to relieve my chronic pain.
    From having been unable to walk a block without pain six months ago, to now being able to hike five miles at Radnor lake, my experience at Steps under Irv’s supervision has changed the trajectory of my life. I’m now overcome with thankfulness when I think about the progress I’ve made. I have my body and my life back, and I have Steps and Irv to thank.

  2. Susan, Thanks for the kinds words. As you know, it’s hard for me to accept too much credit for the success you have made since we met but it’s been a good ride for me, too, just so you know. As far as I’m concerned, it ain’t over yet, but the good news is, you are so much better than before and now you are on your way to finding your self, not just your body, again. What a pleasure it’s been to observe, and help.


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